Leadership Team

GOFoods founding executive leadership team includes seasoned business and marketing professionals with a reputation for hard work, integrity and performance. Each is committed to the GOFoods mission of feeding and prospering the world, while creating a more uplifting and secure culture for employees, customers and Independent Business Owners. Their greatest satisfaction is found in helping others overcome one of their greatest dependencies… FOOD!


Brad Stewart

CEO/ President

As the CEO/ President, Brad is the heart and spark of GOFoods. With his never-ending positivity, he wins over all he meets. He is a multi-disciplinary leader with 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, distributor and executive. Brads passion is making life better for employees, IBOs, and customers alike. His success of achieving and maintaining profitability at the companies over which he has presided is a matter of record.

Brad’s focus is fiscal responsibility, managed growth and resource stewardship. His business experience ensures the profitability, sustainability and scalability of GOFoods for years to come. His strength is communicating a vision of what can be while inspiring the same in others. Brad and his wife, Linda, are the proud parents of four children and the doting grandparents of five.

Mike Casperson

Chief Operating Officer/ Chief Marketing Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer, Mike is tasked with managing the day-to-day growth of GOFoods. His proven leadership experience includes operational management, accounting, budgeting, forecasting, cash management, supply chain logistics and information systems. He provides GOFoods with extensive experience in these critical areas. In addition, as the marketing officer he empowers the IBO network with the needed support systems, marketing resources and relevant tools to power their personal prosperity.

He has built his own companies and played a key role in the success of a billion-dollar direct sales company. Mike is best known for his positive outlook, passionate commitment, and make-it-happen attitude. Mike and his wife, Liz, are the busy parents of six incredible children.

Steve Vistaunet

Director of Marketing Communication/ Creative

Steve is considered one of the best brand architects, designers and visual communicators in the direct sales industry. He’s been tasked with managing the GOFoods Global brand. Steve is committed to simple and relevant communication for our IBO network.

He is responsible for the creative direction of all things GOFoods including brand identity, visual arts, writing, packaging, web sites, digital communication, social media and all marketing communication. Steve has 20 years experience most of which has been with the biggest and brightest companies in direct sales. His strength is his fun loving personality and infectious enthusiasm for life. Steve and his wife, Tonya, are the proud parents of three exceptional children and the grandparents of two wonderful grandsons.

Steven Caten

Director of Finance

Steven is responsible for the financial processes at GOFoods. He manages IBO payment protocols by partnering with proven and experienced financial institutions. He ensures the strength of GOFoods by building solid cash reserves, creating financial growth opportunities and managing corporate finances.

In addition, Steven works directly with operations, distribution and IBO support to insure all processes and financial protocols work seamlessly. As a Financial Analyst, Steven has a decade of experience in many key areas, including finance, investment, cash flow, budgeting, forecasting and leveraging business intelligence and analytics to improve financial performance. He is best known for his attention to detail, resourcefulness and fiscal responsibility. Steven and his wife, Holly, are the parents of three amazing children.

Steven holds an MBA in finance from the University of Utah.

Christian Atkinson

Director of IBO Support

As the Director of IBO Support, Christian is passionate about sharing the amazing benefits of GOFoods. His main responsibility is creating a welcoming atmosphere for our Independent Business Owners (IBOs) to call home. He has proven experience in managing distributor networks, operational support, payment systems, commission management and customer logistics. This important department is ensuring our IBOs utilize the needed resources for their personal success.

Christian and the entire support team deliver the critical information our IBOs and customers need. He is known as one who will find a way when others say it cannot be done. Christian and his wife, Jennifer, are the awesome parents of two children.